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docked adj
1 that in a dock; "a docked ship"
2 (of animals) having ears or tail cut short; "doberman pinschers with docked tails and ears" [syn: clipped]

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  1. past of dock

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Dock may refer to:

In transportation

  • Dock (maritime), an area of water for building or repairing or loading and unloading ships or ferries
    • Wharf, a fixed platform, commonly on pilings, where ships are loaded and unloaded
    • Pier, a raised walkway over water, supported by widely spread piles or pillars
    • Ferry slip, a specialized docking facility that receives a ferryboat
    • Pontoon, a buoyant device, used to support docks or floating bridges
    • Dry dock, a narrow basin that can be flooded and drained to allow a load to come to rest on a dry platform
    • Loading dock or Cargo bay, an unloading area for trucks to deliver cargo
    • Jetty
    • Stevedore, a worker who loads and unloads ships, also known as a docker or longshoreman
  • Space rendezvous, if it includes docking

In natural sciences

In computing


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  • Dox, a supposed hybrid between a dog and a fox
  • DOC (disambiguation)
  • Docklands, the area in London
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